What sets us apart from other protein bars?

The Resist Philosophy


Our recipe is free of sugar alcohols, “natural” flavors, preservatives, & gums. And our wrappers are made without endocrine disruptors like BPA or phthalates.


Our functional ingredients are backed by 196+ clinical trials — formulated specifically to limit blood sugar spikes, regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, and more!


Our ingredients are responsibly sourced and our wrappers (and boxes!) are 100% recyclable. We also offset our carbon shipping emissions ♥

I couldn't find a bar that didn't mess with my hormones

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Insulin Resistance. My doctor told me there was no “cure," but exercise and a low carb, low sugar diet would help. So, I threw myself into fitness and ate all the popular protein bars.

As my symptoms became much worse, I didn't understand. I thought I was doing everything right! I found out that the ingredients in the protein bars I was eating were damaging my health...

So I made a better bar!

I was tired of settling for bars with inflammatory ingredients, hormone disruptors, unnatural fillers, and sugars (even natural sources) that I knew would spike my blood sugar like crazy!

I didn't just want a bar that left my health alone -- I wanted one that helped, with functional ingredients and proven, active benefits. Resist was born: vegan, delicious, and SO clean everyone can enjoy!

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